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Bird Baths for Home Delivery

We accept most credit / debit card payments. To order please phone 01952 550 337 between 10am and 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Alternatively email your phone number and a convenient time for us to contact you.

Email to

On some occasions you may get our answer phone. This is due to us serving customers here in our yard and if you leave a message we will call you back shortly.

Bird Table
*NEW *
Shell Pedestal cast iron bird bath
with two birds
Height 50cm,Diameter of bowl 34.5cm
Diameter of base 21.5cm
Weight 8kg
Price £45.
Ref BB01


Bird Table
*NEW *
Resin Bird Bath / Feeder
(verdigris finish)
3 kg, £14.99

Ref BB04

Ornamental cast-iron Bird bath with two birds
50x27x27, 5 kg, £34.99
Ref BB05

Butterfly cast-iron Bird Drinker on a spike
80x15x16, 1kg, £6.99
Ref BB06

Shell cast-iron Bird Drinker on a spike
80x15x16, 1kg, £6.99
Ref BB07

Cast-iron Bird Drinker with poppy on a spike
80x15x16, 1kg, £6.99
Ref BB08

Buy 3 one of each drinker on a spike
for £19, SAVE £1.97

Bird Table in a Box - Hanging blue ceramic
bird drinker on a chain
Table: 49x28x28
2 kg £10.99
Ref: NB02

Sunflower Cast-iron Bird bath
34x22x22, 3.2 kg £19.99
Ref BB10


Ceramic Echo Bird Bath on feet (frost-proof)
9x35x35 , 4kg, £19.99
Ref BB09

Echo Bird Bath on stand, frost-proof
35 x35x35 , 8kg, £29.99
Ref BB18

Cast-iron feeder / drinker
9x40x17,, £13.99, Ref: NB33

Bird Bath
White Cast Iron Shabby Chic Bird Bath with 2 birds
54x40x40 10kg £45
Ref BB20

Bird Bath
Cast Iron Cherub Shell Bird Bath
14x25x25 , 4kg £14.50
Ref BB19

Bird Bath
Wrought Iron Bird Bath with a small bird
66x36x33 6kg £29.99
Ref BB21


Bird Bath
Stone Vine Bird Bath
Height 69 Bowl 54, 74 kg £119
Ref BB11 C4004

Bird Bath
Pedestal Stone Bird Bath
Height 90 Bowl 57, 102kg £169
Ref BB12 C4002

Bird Bath
Baluster Stone Bird Bath
Height 68 Bowl 30, 35kg £99
Ref BB13 C5762

Bird Bath
Large Baluster Stone Bird Bath
Height 99 Bowl 46, 107kg £169
Ref BB14 C5763

Bird Bath
Classic Stone Bird Bath
Height 90 Bowl 57, 92kg £165
Ref BB15 C4005

Bird Bath
Slim Stone Bird Bath
Height 86 Bowl 30, 56kg £165
Ref BB16 C3906


Standard Bird Baths BB01 - BB10

Next Day Delivery £8.99

If a bird bath is ordered with a bird table with a stand there is no additional carriage charge.
Applies to standard Bird Baths only.

Stone Bird Baths BB11 - BB16

Delivery 3 - 5 weeks. Delivery driver will erect bird bath which will come in 2 or 3 pieces and help to position.

Delivery Cost £55 Delivered and placed in your garden - England & Wales
For deliveries to Scotland please phone for carriage quote

Remember these stone bird baths weigh between 35 & 107 kilos, so are very heavy.

BB18 to BB21 £12


Tel: 01952 550337

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