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Ex Original Railway benches for Sale

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Original 8 foot Furness Railway platform bench.Provenance:
Coniston Station circa 1859 see photo of station with the seat taken
by-Walter Dendy deceased. Remnants of original brown paint
under over painted white.
Ref a171002

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

London and North Western Railway Platform bench with Colwyn Bay Backplate
3.33m Long (almost 10foot long) circa 1940 See picture abovefor the platform
seat on Colwyn Bay station
Ref a170918

Garden Furniture
Set of three 2 ends and a middle plus original bottom braces
South Eastern Railway bench ends
Ref a170804

Garden Furniture
Set of Two original British Rail BR(W) bench ends very rare
Ref a170803

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture
A refurbished 8 foot NER platform bench from Stamford Bridge station.
The original bench can be seen in the photo of Stamford Bridge station.
We also have a refurbished original 6 foot platform bench available.
Ref a170101

Garden Furniture
Rare Caledonian Railway platform bench with two ends
and a middle.A fabulous bench from the the most famous
Scottish railway company.circa 1880/1890
Ref a160851

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture
Original GWR platform bench in harlequin style.One original GWR roundle logo
bench end and one original GWR scroll logo end made into a single 6 foot
bench with new wooden planks and primed and repainted. Provenance-The ex
engineer in charge of the Didcot Station refurbishment.This was his personal
GWR bench used in his garden when retired.
Ref a160802

Garden Furniture
Early scroll logo GWR original 12 foot platform bench ex
Aberystwyth station on the Cambrian Coast mainline
Ref a160790

Garden Furniture
GNER/Midland railway 10 foot Platform seat.With 2 Twigg arm rests
and two twigg central middles..
Ref a160783

Garden Furniture
Original 7 foot GWR platform Bench.With the exceedingly rare intertwined
GWR scroll pattern,quite different from the standard pre 1934 stand scroll
pattern. Cast by "Boulton and Paul Ltd,Norwich.There are only two examples of
this known. Both ends have a repair,new original pattern planks fitted and
Ref a160782
Garden Furniture
Set of two original GWR Scroll logo bench ends in fine original condition.
This version is the solid body design
Ref a160751

Garden Furniture
Set of three nice original GWR
roundle logo bench ends
Ref a160701

Garden Furniture
Set of two LNER (GN) railway bench ends
Ref a160702

Garden Furniture
Set of rare two scroll logo GWR bench ends made by Bolton and Paul, Norwich.
Only one other pair known apart from this pair.
Ref a160703

Garden Furniture
set of two Great Eastern Railway
benches ends unusually stamped with makers name
Ref a160704

Garden Furniture
SOLD for £1700.
Pair of rare CaledonianRailway bench ends
Ref a160705

Garden Furniture
Set of three original GWR scroll logo bench ends in original paint"
Ref a160706

Garden Furniture
Set of two original GWR scroll logo bench ends in nice condition.
This is the perforated slot design
Ref a160707

Garden Furniture
Pair of rare London,Tilbury and Southend railway bench ends
Ref a160708

Garden Furniture
Refurbished GWR scroll logo ex Cotswold line 6 foot platform seat.
Ref a160709

Garden Furniture
Ex Anglian Line 6foot 2inch perforated
metal 3 seater platform bench
Ref a160622

Garden Furniture
Ex Anglian line 6 foot 1inch perforated metal platform bench
Ref a160623

Garden Furniture
ex Anglian line 6 foot one inch perforated
metal Platform bench
Ref a160624

Garden Furniture
6 foot old but very tidy roundle logo GWR platform benches
Ref a160609

Garden Furniture
Original 9 foot GWR
platform bench with a later Bangor on Dee back plate
Ref a160607

Garden Furniture
Ex Marylebone
station round concourse benches available.
Ref a160601

Garden Furniture
Set of three Midland Railway bench ends Ex Stonehouse Britol
Road Station.Glouscestershire.The ends in the form of Twiggs and Branches.
Ref a160312

Garden Furniture
Original Furness railway bench.Totally refurbished, cleaned up, repainted
and new 6 foot varnished hardwood slats fitted and painted as per
Furness railway bench in the National Railway Museum collection York.
Ref a151101

Garden Furniture
Original British Rail platform bench, ex St John's Station, Bedford
Ref a150819

Garden Furniture
British Rail western region early platform bench.
Ref a20141416

Garden Bench
Original GWR platform bench with Shrewsbury back plate
Ref: a150401

Garden Bench
Original scroll logo GWR bench
Ref: a150402

Garden Bench
Original GNER long platform bench with Selby back plate
Ref: a150404

Garden Bench
Original GER platform bench.Was part of the Richard Shaw collection
Ref: a150405

Garden Bench
Original Furness Railway platform bench.
Those Lake District Red squirrels
just love grapes!
Ref: a150406

Garden Bench
Original GER platform bench ex Soham with original SOHAM backplate
Ref: a150407

Garden Furniture
Ex British rail Brighton station
concourse bench
Ref a140310

Garden Furniture
The same bench in use at Brighton station

Garden Furniture
GWR bench, ex Gobowen - Shrewsbury line
Ref a110902
Garden Furniture
Set of 3 genuine GWR bench stands (2 ends & a middle). Ex-Pyle railway station
Ref a1016
Genuine GWR bench
on 2 bench ends also available

Garden Furniture
GWR bench with softwood slats
Ref a1017
Garden Furniture
GWR bench with hardwood slats
Ref a1018

Garden Furniture
GWR 3 section platform bench
9' long
Ref a2003
Garden Furniture
Old logo GWR bench
Ref a2004

Garden Benches
Pair of matched paintwork old GWR benches one 6 foot and
one 5 foot ex Laira Depot,Plymouth South Devon.
Ref a131125

Great Eastern Railway Bench
Ref a131001

11' 2" GWR Platform bench - older scroll logo, ex South Devon
Ref a7662

10' GWR Platform bench - iconic logo, ex Overton-on-Dee station
Ref a7767


Garden Furniture
Ref a130807
Original 6 foot GWR Bench ex- Didcot

Garden Furniture
Ref a130811
Original GWR Bench ends
Ex-Hermitage (Reading)

Garden Furniture
Ref a130809
Original GWR Bench ends and middle
(BR Western Region)

Garden Furniture
Ref a130810
Original GWR bench ends Harliquin set


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