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Antique and Vintage Garden seats for Sale

Garden Furniture

A bronze Camel seat,originally cast by A.D.Berry and Sons,
Regent Street,Westminster.They can still be seen on the Embankment,
London.The Seated Camel is the devise of the Grocers company.
What a fabulous bench.
Ref a180701

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

fabulous pair of American cast iron Fern seats by the Mott
foundry circa 1870. WE also have a pair of these cast later in aluminium.
Ref a180602

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Antique Arras garden seat refurbished.Note cast iron Arras
name plate and Lions paw feet.A stunning garden seat and very comfortable!
Ref a180302

Garden Furniture

5 foot Roll Back garden seat on very finely cast ends with brass nuts.
This would have been cast by a top foundry in the same league as
Coalbrookdale or John Finch of Dudley.
Ref a171103

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Pair of fabulous Val d'Osne foundry Fern chairs together with
a sheet metal and cast iron table with foundry stamp late 19th century. See
engraving below
Ref a171011

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Antique Val d'Osne foundry Gothic pattern garden seat 138cm
(4 foot 6inches) mid 19th century.
Ref a171001

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

A John Finch foundry cast iron seat 167cm: 66inches
long.Design number 199811 first registered on 10th August 1866 by John Finch
Foundry, Priory Road, Dudley,Wocestershire
Ref a170919

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Rare garden seat by Tuddenham and Co of 27 Lambeth Upper
Marsh,London.Registered design number 219513 with registration kite marks
for 05/06/1868.Amazing original condition, very fine casting
Ref a170901

Garden Furniture
American cast iron version of the Coalbrookdale
Laurel pattern from 1875.These American "Laurel" seats bear the foundry mark
Hart and were cast in the early part of the 1920's.
Ref a170902

Garden Furniture
2 rare cast iron arm chairs with spring and summer Medallions flanked
by sheeps heads and a matching table cast by the Lion Foundry in 1851.~
The lion Foundry, in Northampton and operated by John Brettle
and William Roberts from 1851 to1868.The firm ceased trading in 1929.
Ref a170827

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture
Rare Carron Foundry,Falkirk garden seat No10.Fully stamped Carron No 10.
Ref a170814

Garden Furniture
Stunning Falkirk foundry Royal Parks bench.recently refurbished and finished
in Black Satin Paint with new Iroko hard wood slats.Very comfortable and
looks great.
Ref a170601

Garden Furniture
Stunning pair of rare Oak,Twigg and snake cast iron garden chairs.
Recently refurbished. Circa 1850.
Ref a170523

Garden Furniture
Pair of rare Bilsdon Foundry garden chairs,circa 1956,designed
by Edward Bawden (b1903)
Ref a170524

Garden Furniture
Pair of late Victorian "rococo style" cast iron garden chairs.
Ref a170525

Garden Furniture
Very nice black weathered 6 foot wrought iron strapwork garden
seat.Estate Blacksmith made.
Ref a170526

Garden Furniture
Very solid Green weathered 6 foot estate blacksmith made
wrought iron strapwork benc
Ref a170527

Garden Furniture
Archibald Kendrick Foundry Snake head bench reg
number 60105 first registered 29th/04/1849
Ref a161105

Garden Furniture
Nice pair of Victorian 8 foot strapwork benches
Ref a161104

Garden Furniture
Carron Foundry Regency garden seat. Very nice Scottish foundry seat.
Ref a161103

Garden Furniture
John Finch Foundry.Priory Road,Dudley.Garden seat
64inches wide.Seat registered 10th August 1866 and is design number
199811.Amazing crisp casting.Seen here in primer
Ref a161102

Garden Furniture
Regency style metal half circular garden seat .
Ref a160850

Garden Furniture
Cast Iron Dragon bench with iroko hard wood slats.Provenance
Felix Dennis Collection Amazing looking bench with fabulous paint finish.
Ref a160750

Garden Furniture
Early 20th century Estate
blacksmith wrought iron strapwork bench 6 foot long
Ref a160608

Garden Furniture
Victorian blacksmith made wrought iron strapwork
bench 2.4m long
Ref a160604

Garden Furniture
Victorian blacksmith made wrought iron strapwork
bench 6 foot long
Ref a160605

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Fed up looking for an old Victorian wrought iron strapwork
garden seat? Buy one of our new Blacksmith made ones- 3 seater 1.6m long for
£500 or -2 seater 1.15m long for £340". Finished in antiqued green/grey
Ref a160401

Garden Furniture
Charles D.Young Foundry refurbished cast iron garden seat
Circa 1850 Edinburgh
Ref a160310

Garden Furniture
Victorian blacksmith made 5 foot wrought iron strapwork garden seat with later
commemorative plaque for WI Jubilee 1915-1965.Fully refurbished. .
Ref a160301

Garden Furniture
1.2m stone topped garden table on heavy blacksmith made table
base with 6 wrought iron chairs. .
Ref a160302

Garden Furniture
Pair of Val d'Osne Fern Pattern chairs and table.signed Val d'Osne Paris.
Ref a160304

Garden Furniture
Matched pair of Victorian wrought iron strapwork garden seats.
Blacksmith made by the Peck and Bloomfield Blacksmith works in Clare
Suffolk late 19 century. 70inches wide in sound excellent original condition
and some original paint.
Ref a151102

Garden Furniture
A rare Morgan and Macaulay and Wade Four seasons garden seat with registration stamps for 5th April 1870. Registration number 240338.Provenance Felix Dennis
collection sale September 29th to October 1 2015.
The previous property of Felix Dennis-Poet,Publisher and Planter of Trees.
Ref a151019

Garden Furniture
5 foot cast iron garden seat by Andrew McLaren & Co.
Bench No13 Registration number 226333 with registration stamps for 10
January 1869.Cleaned of old paint primed,repainted with new hardwood slats
fitted,original cast seat frame fully stamped.
Ref a151006

Garden Furniture
A rear Dalkeith foundry Louis XVth style cast iron garden seat. Registered by
W&R.MUSHET Dalkeith Foundry in 1865 with corresponding
registration stamps on each bench part for that year.
Ref a150829

Garden Furniture
Very Rare VAL'D OSNE Fern pattern bench set comprising
8 foot garden seat and two matching chairs circa 1870.
So much superior to the Coalbrookdale version.
Ref a150825

Garden Furniture
Charles D,Young Foundry garden seat c.1850 Edinburgh
Ref a150822

Garden Furniture
Falkirk 7 foot Royal Parks bench refurbished
Ref a150818

Garden Furniture
Garden Furniture
Oak and Twigg bench Dray London
Ref a150804

Garden Furniture

7 foot refurbished Victorian garden seat with
provision for sun canopy
Ref a150801

Garden Furniture

8 foot blacksmith made Victorian wrought
iron strapwork bench refurbished
Ref a150701

Garden Furniture

A pair of rare Coalbrookdale Nasturtium pattern variant cast iron seats
with new iroko hard wood slats.The sides incorporating an amorial crest
of the Cavendish family - 3 deer heads.
Ref a150702

Garden Bench
Cast iron Serpent and Twigg pattern seat.
Possibly by either McDowell Steven and Co Glasgow circa 1840
or John Finch Foundry, Dudley new iroko slats on seat
Ref a150705

Garden Bench
A rare Dragon bench with cast iron sides and oak slats.
Ref a150706

Garden Furniture

Set of three Falkirk ironworks cast iron garden chairs in white
Ref a150607

Garden Furniture

Nice Falkirk ironworks Blackberry
bench and matching pattern table with marble top.
Ref a150606

Garden Furniture

7 foot wrought iron blacksmith
made strapwork bench double-angled front very rare.
Ref a150601

Garden Furniture
7 foot Falkirk iron works Royal
Parks bench new iroko slats remnants of original paint
Ref a150602

Garden Furniture
A matched set of five cast iron
Fern & blackberry chairs.
Ref a150603

Garden Furniture
Victorian blacksmith made 6 foot wrought iron strapwork bench

Ref a150604

Garden Bench
Vintage White painted wooden bench with wheel and push handles
Never be without a seat!
Ref: a150403


Garden Furniture
Victorian wrought-iron strapwork bench 71" wide. Ex-Boscombe village green
Ref a1000
Garden Furniture
Victorian wrought-iron strapwork bench 84.5" wide.
Ref a1001

Garden Furniture
John Mclean
Foundry bench
New York USA circa 1880
Ref a1403171

Garden Furniture
Oak and Serpent
bench by McDowall,Stevens & Co,Glasgow 1840
Ref a1403172

Garden Furniture
Victorian wrought-iron strapwork bench
72" wide.
Ref a7689

Garden Furniture
Cast-iron & oak rustic twig bench & table.
Bench 65" wide, table 18.5"x40.5"
Ref a1002

Garden Furniture
Lutyens teak bench 78" wide
Ref a1003
Garden Furniture
Antique cast-iron & oak, ex Anglesey church, 72" wide
Ref a1004

Garden Furniture
Wrought-iron & wooden slats 53" wide
Ref a1006
Garden Furniture
Wrought-iron & wooden slats 6 feet wide
Ref a1007

Garden Furniture
Victorian Crookdale bench 94.5" wide
Ref a1008
Garden Furniture
Edwardian Deco style bench 59" wide
Ref a1009

Garden Furniture
Ascot Racecourse bench 44" wide
Ref a1010
Garden Furniture
Falkirk Ironworks Royal Parks bench 74" wide
Ref a1012

Garden Furniture
Victorian Crookdale bench 78" wide
Ref a1013
Garden Furniture
Wrought-iron & wood 70 " wide
Ref a1014

Garden Furniture
Victorian wrought-iron garden bench 6 feet wide
Ref a1015

Garden Furniture
Ref a110901

Garden Furniture
Victorian Nanny Bench
Ref a2001

Lancashire Mill Bench
Ref: a7695

Rustic Oak and Twig bench & Chair
Ref a7718

Rustic Oak and Twig bench detail
Ref a7718

Garden Furniture
Re-furbished Fern & Blackberry Bench
45 " long
Ref a2005
Garden Furniture
Semi-circular iron seat
Ref a2006

Garden Furniture
Ref a110907
Cast Iron Garden Chairs

Garden Furniture
Ref a110908
Serpent & Grape Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110909
Refurbished Coalbrookdale Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110909
Refurbished Coalbrookdale Bench (detail)

Garden Furniture
Ref a110910
Coalbrookdale Nasturtium Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110911
Coalbrookdale Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110912
Refurbished Victorain Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110913
Carron Foundries Number 29
Cast Iron & Wooden Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a110914
New blacksmith-made wrought iron
strap bench 2 seater

Garden Furniture
Ref a110915
New blacksmith-made wrought iron
strap bench 3 seater

Garden Furniture
Ref a130801
Oakleaf bench by William Corbert, c1870

Garden Furniture
Ref a130802
Serpent Bench

Garden Furniture
Ref a130803
Nasturtium pattern garden seat
(Not by Coalbrookdale)

Garden Furniture
Ref a130804
Snake & Oak pattern planked bench by McDowell Steven

Garden Furniture
Ref a130805
Falkirk Bench no 20, possibly designed by Dr Christoper Dresser

Garden Furniture
Ref a130806
Fern & Blackberry Bench by the Rayne Foundry, Essex (Not Coalbrookdale)

Garden Furniture
Ref a130812
Original Rest and be Thankful bench end

Garden Furniture
Ref a130808
Refurbished Garden Seat

Garden Furniture
Ref a130813
Garden seat by Charles D Young, Edinburgh, c1850

Garden Furniture
Ref a130814
A cast iron garden seat by Barnard
Bishop & Barnard Norwich
cica 1860 till early 20th century


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